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This is the first step in an attempt to bring more of old afterstep back to memory. If you see missing information please inform us through the user mailing list or irc channel. Especially information about the pre 1.0. era would be apreciated.

    March 4, 2002
    A new MAC OSX and LinuxPPC release is on the Download page. The READMEs have also been updated so check them out too.

    March 1, 2002
    There's a new stable release, 1.8.11. This includes numerous bugfixes and patches from various people; see the ChangeLog for full details.

    January 27, 2002
    I can't apologize enough for what happened to the website! But we're back now, which is all that matters. We've got a new host, which is Web Conquest; my hope is that they prosper. :) And many thanks to them!

    October 3, 2001
    There's a new stable release, 1.8.10. Fixes for compiling on Solaris, the use of old compilers, Xinerama support; new features include relative desk switching, different look/feel/background and init/restart functions for multihead configurations not using Xinerama.

    September 20, 2001
    Seems that the exploit we feared was not real. The ftp servers is up and alive!

    September 19, 2001
    It appears there's yet another ftpd exploit so ftp.afterstep.org will be going down until the exploit is fixed. At this time, the box will also go through a rebuild process, so be prepared for some bugs. :)

    July 10, 2001
    Some terrific and exciting news! Sasha has created our very own image processing library, which is the "Fastest image blending, rendering and manipulation library for X"! It's going to be released as a standalone library, along with being integrated into AfterStep proper (cvs). He's got a website up, so everyone take a look and try to prove him wrong about it being the "fastest" - NOT! :)

    July 4, 2001
    Happy 4th of July!

    July 2, 2001
    New stable release fixing the change in X4.x which caused the theme mechanism to fail. Checkout the Download page for the ChangeLog and to download the stable tarball, or grab the patch to 1.8.8 .

    June 1, 2001
    One of the version 4 releases of XFree86 changed the method it reports the colordepth which in turn broke themes in AfterStep. We're working on a patch and should release a new tarball any day now.

    May 28, 2001
    Set the new php web pages as default.
    Also, added in some Development (CVS) information of the Highlights page.

    May 23, 2001
    Working on new php web pages, hopefully they are all working well with your browser. If you run IE on Windows, your whines will go unheard. :)

    April 23, 2001
    AfterStep is going to be able to load the gimp's native file format! Not only that, but the CVS version is boasting an entire 11 image formats - XPM, JPG, PNG, XCF, PPM, PNM, BMP, ICO, CUR, TIF and GIF.

    April 11, 2001
    CVS now has a web interface! Check it out and stay current with the fabulous world of AfterStep development! Access the page with you favorite web browser now!

    April 10, 2001
    As a teaser - we are about to announce a new default theme/look contest for AfterStep; yes, that's right, the look that you see right when you start AfterStep for the first time. It's not as easy as it sounds however, it needs to work for 8bpp colordepth. Sure you can make the images use more colors for the larger depths; but they all have to be the same overall look.

    January 25, 2001
    Happy belated New Year! CVS version is getting closer to compiling. ;) If you would like to contribute to development, drop by our irc channel on irc.openprojects.net in #afterstep!

    December 22, 2000
    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc., here's a new patch for those that do patches, or the entire 1.8.8 tarball (bz2)! HO HO HO.

    December 14, 2000
    New patch that helps old compilers with lib/safemalloc.c errors is out. It's the 4th patch to 1.8.4; we'll have a tarball of all these (1.8.7) in a few days (need to make sure the patch is okay).

    December 13, 2000
    We have now had Tom Bodett turn the lights off on the dead efnet IRC network for #afterstep. If you want some help with AfterStep or just to hang out, we have completed our move to the Open Projects IRC network, so we'll see you there!

    November 28, 2000
    It's close but not entirely official, the move from the dead efnet IRC network to the Open Projects IRC network is almost complete. For help and room to hang out, join any of the Open Projects IRC servers (like irc.openprojects.net) now!

    October 24, 2000
    A new patch (02) for the stable relase (1.8.4) that fixes shaped icons and menu errors and a sig 11 when clicking on the 'X' to close a window - Change Log.

    October 11 2000
    A new patch (01) for the stable relase (1.8.4) that fixes some audio bugs; Change Log.

    October 6 2000
    The latest patch (04) for the stable relase (1.8.0), is available; it's changeshave been noted in the ChangeLog as well.

    October 3 2000
    Believe it or not, Red Hat has left AfterStep out of their latest release. I guess we didn't take them out to the nice restaurants they wanted to for lunch! :) It's really a shame too, since everyone who uses AfterStep loves it.

    July 28 2000
    By the way, if you hadn't noticed, the CVS server is back online. [Sorry, been out of town]

    July 20 2000
    Yes, the cvs server is "down" momentarily, we're working on it. :)

    July 15 2000
    Etienne has made a new stable release for 1.8.x on Power Macintosh, you can grab the tarball, and here's the README.

    July 7 2000
    Another patch (03) for the stable relase (1.8.0), that fixes bad parts of the last patch :) is available; it's changes have been noted in the ChangeLog also.

    July 3 2000
    A new patch (02) for the stable relase (1.8.0) is available; the ChangeLog.

    July 2 2000
    Sasha released version 0.4 of aterm; you can download it from that site or here.

    June 28 2000
    Development is plodding along in cvs. Work on ascp continues. Also note the new site for ascp.
    There appears to be a problem with rsync, so the Mirrors are stuck back on the February pages. I've contacted the admin of WGS, and hope to have the problem remedied ASAP.

    April 25 2000
    Anonymous cvs server is now online! You can access it at cvs.afterstep.org by:
    $ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.afterstep.org:/home/cvsroot login
    [no password, hit return]
    $ cvs checkout afterstep-devel
    [you'll see it begin to download]
    Currently, the devel might not compile, and is not intended for anyone other than developers.

    April 24 2000
    We're in the process of setting up a cvs server, so we can be cool like everyone else. :) As soon as it's online, we'll make an announcement here.

    February 24 2000
    New searchable mailing list archive is now online here.

    February 14 2000
    Happy Valentine's Day! After nearly a year in development, the new stable release is available for download!
    A new FAQ is also included being included as well as updated on the web and ftp sites.

    January 26, 2000
    The AfterStep source code is now online! (now it's easier for those other window managers to steal it (: ). Non-frames version is here. (It's considered Documentation.)

    January 11, 2000
    I'm not sure if everyone knows this or not, but an email address exists now to submit bug reports: bugs.

    January 10, 2000
    A new snapshot has been released. Please test it thuroughly as this will become the next stable if there aren't any glaring bugs!
    A new FAQ is being included in the next snapshot, so it's also being updated on the web and ftp site if you wish to read it online.

    December 21, 1999
    The new general mailing list is now at a different server, and a new address! The new address to mail to is as-users@afterstep.org and as-users-digest@afterstep.org. Subscription is the typical majordomo of inserting -request before the @ sign. Thanks go to Doug Alcorn for this!

    December 17, 1999
    Unfortunately, our general mailing list is dead. I have no idea what happened, and I don't think it will be fixed until after January 9th (when I return from NYC). [Update] The list has a new home, stay tuned for further announcements.

    December 13, 1999
    Unfortunately, our general mailing list is dead. I have no idea what happened, and I don't think it will be fixed until after January 9th (when I return from NYC). If anyone wants to host it, that'd be great, if anyone wants to take it upon themselves and get ahold of Caldera about the list, please do.

    November 21, 1999
    Updated the link on the Documentation page for the AfterStep 1.7 Practical Configuration Guide; those pesky dynamic linkers!

    November 17, 1999
    New FAQ that covers a great deal of the development items is available to view or download.

    November 13, 1999
    There are currently 15 patches to the current development snapshot. The last 6 patches have really been "development" patches too - all sorts of "new features" have been introduced. ;)

    November 9, 1999
    Our FAQ has a new maintainer, it's Charlie Schmidt, also maintainer of as.themes.org. We expect a new faq covering all the new 1.7.x stuff RealSoon(tm).

    September 14, 1999
    The AfterStep Configuration Guide for 1.6.x has moved, take note of the new location.

    August 31, 1999
    The previous general mailing list problem has been fixed, thanks to Caldera for their swift work.

    August 28, 1999
    Ok, if you have noticed, the AfterStep general mailing list is having some problems. Caldera is hopefully correcting the problem.

    August 27, 1999
    Ack! A bug was introduced in one of the patches between snapshots, so if you don't have all the graphic libraries that are "optional" AfterStep will refuse to build. If this happens to you, there's a patch on the ftp server you might want to get, it's patch number 01.
    After a few bugs being introuced, here's a new snapshot to make them all go away! ChangeLog has all the details on the download page.

    August 20, 1999
    A new End user Customization Guide has been created by Andrei Ivanov, and is called AfterStep Pratical Customization Guide. This guide is primarily for customizing the development (1.7.x) version. The stable version (1.6.x) guide is still located at AfterStep Configuration Guide site.

    August 9, 1999
    Great news for you Linux PPC'ers out there - there's a new binary release for Linux PPC 1999, it's 1.6.10 though. Links are on the download page.

    July 31, 1999
    Another truely amazing; snapshot! ChangeLog has all the gory details on the download page.

    June 9, 1999
    Another truely amazing; snapshot! ChangeLog has all the gory details on the download page.

    June 6, 1999
    And here it is; the latest snapshot, new ChangeLog and the README has been updated as well, more on the download page. A few GNOME bugs fixed.

    April 18, 1999
    New version of the AfterStep FAQ has been released, the new version number is 1999-4-18. Various formats are available from the documentation page.

    April 17, 1999
    The documentation page was getting a bit big, so I separated the basic Installation portion out into it's own section; also covered on these pages is the GNOME instructions.

    April 9, 1999
    A "permanent" home for the AfterStep development mailing list has been found! Thanks to the great Ethan Fischer and the folks at crystaltokyo.com. Information on subscribing can be found on the documentation page.

    April 7, 1999
    New development snapshot has been released, now with 99.9% Gnome compliance! Checkout the download page to grab the development snapshot, and then visit the installation page, Gnome section.

    April 3, 1999
    A few minor fixes for ascp, which works on the stable version of AfterStep *only*, has incremented it up to version 1.0.2 (quick download).

    March 31, 1999
    Gnome compliance in the development version is at around 85% complete! Stay tuned for a new snapshot when it reaches 100%. :)

    March 24, 1999
    YES! It's true, finally the long awaited ascp release of version 1.0.1! (quick download)

    March 17, 1999
    New AfterStep theme.handler version (0.4.2) is available - fixes the *bppbpp bug.

    March 4, 1999
    Yes! It's a new web page design! It took me long enough, and it's not exactly how I wanted it, but it looks cool, and it's new - so deal. :) But, if for some reason you don't think it looks like I have intended it to look (IE, you know who you are), then fire off a mail, and be prepared to take a window grab of what it looks like so I know what you are talking about. Warning - there could be spelling errors. ;)

    February 22, 1999
    A new development (1.7.49) version have been released! This Snapshot fixes a sync problem with it and the patches - sorry!

    February 20, 1999
    A new development (1.7.47) version have been released! The Development version has some very exciting new features - check out it's Changelog ; on the download page.

    February 17, 1999
    If you are like me, you don't really care about polls and such ... but, lets show these folks which Window Manager is really the top one! Vote for AfterStep at Slashdot.

    February 16, 1999
    New AfterStep theme.handler version is available.
    Man, man pages, man pages - we now have them on the Help page

    February 6, 1999
    Both a new stable (1.6.10) and development (1.7.37) version have been released! The stable has bug fixes to keep Eterm/ater m running transparency from crashing on a Restart (see the Changelog); while the Development version has some very exciting new features - check out it's Changelog; on the download page.

    February 5, 1999
    We are all very happy to have a true AfterStep'r maintaining as.themes.org, our very own Arjuna Shunn (aka Semyaza). Go check out all the themes in all their glory. :)

    January 21, 1998
    The Development version has a snapshot that can be downloaded, check the download page.
    The RedHat wmconfig and the AfterStep method of menu creation don't really play well together, so a new/patched wmconfig can be obtained to smooth over this. Tomas Prochazka has done all the work, and the wmconfig page is here.

    January 11, 1998
    A Readme have been added to the side section of the rpm download item on the download page.
    The AfterStep Control Panel is onstantly being updated.

    January 9, 1998
    New MkLinux & Solaris binaries available, check out the download page.

    January 5, 1998
    An updated version of the Official AfterStep FAQ is available (1998-1-5).
    Several new mirrors have been created, along with a couple web mirrors, check out the download page.
    Newer Red Hat .rpm's for 1.6.6 (fixing a share dir bug); check the download page !

    January 1, 1999
    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 1998
    New Red Hat .rpm's for 1.6.6; check the download page !

    December 30, 1998
    AfterStep has it's own "fast" transparent term, called aterm, it currently supports xpm backgrounds, "fast" transparency, and tinting. Shade (grey tint) is not supported at this time due to memory consumption.

    December 29, 1998
    The "Afterstep applications" site (aka Everything AfterStep) has now moved to a new domain - AfterStep applets.
    RPMS for Red Hat are available for the new stable release on the download page !
    A New version of the themes.handler app is out - this is identical to the one in the 1.6.6 release.
    AIX binaries are now available; check out the download page!
    A new experimental mailing list archive is up and running. Refer to the Help page for more information.

    December 28, 1998
    A New stable release is out, fixes a few minor bugs. Check out the download page !

    ASCP, the AfterStep Control Panel, will soon be back under development in the coming year. :)

    December 15, 1998
    Many new binary packages, including debs are available on the download page!

    No excuses now! A new stable version is out, it came with a themes.handler app; so lets see some themes! Check out the Screenshots page for further information.

    New version of the Official AfterStep FAQ is out (1998-11-23).

    December 11, 1998
    YES! The long awaited latest and greatest, most stupendous, STABLE and able AfterStep 1.6.0 has been released!! Rush to the download page and grab a copy before they all run out! ;-)

    December 4, 1998
    These pages have a new primary host! WorkGroup Solutions, Inc.; the kind folks that provide the Linux community with the LinuxMall. Our hats of f to these people - now get on over there and check out all the cool stuff they got!

    December 3, 1998
    A new beta, 1.5 beta 6 is out!

    October 23, 1998
    New version of the AfterStep FAQ is out!

    October 12, 1998
    Another new APPS package has been released to the public

    September 26, 1998
    We want your screenshots!

    September 25, 1998
    Take a look at the updated ASCP page and vote.

    September 23, 1998
    New APPS devel package is out!

    May 18, 1998
    Added dynamic binaries for OSF1 and HP-UX 9.07 to the page.

    May 09, 1998
    Until I create a links section, here are a couple that may prove interesting: an AfterStep Themes Page authored by Trae Mc Combs and a European AfterStep Page by Philippe C.D. Robert.

    May 04, 1998
    Released version 1.0!!! This release is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work from many dedicated developers around the net and I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has donated their time and gotten involved. THANKS!

    April 19, 1998
    Released version 1.0pre7. Very little has been changed. If there are any glaring problems, let me know quickly. Here is the changes log.

    March 26, 1998
    Released version 1.0pre6. Here is the changes log.

    March 11, 1998
    Released version 1.0pre5. Here is the changes log.

    March 02, 1998
    Released version 1.0pre4. Here is the changes log. I have also made up a smaller archive of source from the two directories that have been modified.

    February 25, 1998
    Released version 1.0pre3. Here is the changes log.

    February 25, 1998
    http://afterstep.foo.net has been added as a web site. If you have troubles here or are closer to Chicago, try that one. The ftp site is now ftp://afterstep.foo.net, as well.

    December 24, 1997
    Since a good deal of you are linux users and technophiles, in general, I thought you might be interested in a new high-performance operating system (in case you have yet to hear of it already). It is called the BeOS and is produced by Be, Inc. from Menlo Park, CA.

    November 13, 1997
    The screenshots have been replaced so hopefully all NeXT trademarks have been eliminated from the page. This is not to say that you should stop producing new icons...keep 'em coming!

    November 07, 1997
    On the legal front, NeXT's attorney has been very gracious in his dealings with me and has allowed us a period of approximately one month to eliminate the NEXSTEP trademark icons. So, the screenshots are back up for the time being, but I would still like to have those replaced within the week. Let's put those artistic hats on! ;^)

    November 04, 1997
    I have been notified that NeXT Software, Inc. would prefer we not use icons that resemble NEXTSTEP's icons. If you notice any broken images on this homepage, it is because I have decided to remove an image that contains such an icon. Until we create newer and better looking replacement icons to represent our applications, the page will stay this way. If you have an icon you feel would nicely suit AfterStep, please upload it to ftp://oak.sfasu.edu/incoming and we will decide from there what to use with the default distribution which now lacks many critical icons. Thanks!


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