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A very powerfull feature of  AfterStep are colorschemes. That means that at each moment AfterStep defines 31 additional color name, exact color values of which will depend on choosen colorscheme. Now XML scripts may include HSV conversion commands. As the result it is possible to have images change its colors depending on the colorscheme choosen.

For example :

<hsv hue_offset="$ascs.Active.hue" saturation_offset="$ascs.Active.saturation-30" value_offset="$ascs.Active.value-72">
   <img src="bars/title_tile_glass_red_a50"/>

Above image will produce focused titlebar background that changes colors according to colorscheme chosen.

The combination of AfterStep's XML images and colorscheme-defined colors makes it possible to decorate EVERY element of the GUI according to the selected colorscheme.

See AfterImage XML and Custom Color Scheme for details.

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