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Pager introduction The Pager module shows a miniature view of the Afterstep desktops. This is a useful reminder of where your active windows are.

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Windows in the pager are decorated accordingly to MyStyle definitions
If you never defined those MyStyles, Pager will default to same styles as used for actual windows.
The Pager can be used to change the viewport in the current desktop or to change desktops (left mouse button), or to move windows around (middle mouse button).

AfterStep comes by default with 4 Virtual DeskTops, named "Work", "WWW", "Mail" and "Games". To change the names, change the following lines in your pager file:

*PagerLabel 0 Work
*PagerLabel 1 WWW
*PagerLabel 2 Mail
*PagerLabel 3 Games

To change placement/behaviour of the Labels of the Pager, use one or all of the follwing:
PagerDecoration LabelBelowDesk, VerticalLabel, NoDeskLabel, HideInactiveLabels

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