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  • tip:
    • It is good to know that Wharf is not bound to 64x64 Size, multi-column/row layouts are also possible. Using shaped pixmaps (asxml, png, xpm and xcf) non-rectangular buttons can be realized (MyStyles 125,126 and 128). If you don't want each Wharf backround to be the same, just use tiles/empty for WharfTile and add the pixmap you want to each wharf Button in the wharf file itself (use wharfbackground,icon instead of just the icon for button definition).

      If you want to use multiple instances of Wharf just make a symbolic link to the executable with your desired name ( for ex.: MonitorWharf ) and add config entries begining with it's name to your wharf file. Please note that all names are allowed, except names begining with Wharf.
  • config files are:
    • user defined:   ~/.afterstep/wharf
    • system wide:   /usr/(local/)share/afterstep/wharf
    • current look file / MyStyles section relevant for Wharf
      ( looks can be selected from "Start Menu -> Desktop -> Look -> " )
      See Wharf MyStyles for details.

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