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    Easy-to-install AfterStep, Applet, and other RPM packages are provided for the current and prior Fedora releases; Fedora 14 and 15 packages are available at this time. Older Mandriva 2006.0 packages are available here. Newer SRPM packages found here should rebuild fine under the older Fedora and Mandrake distributions. These packages are provided as part of the Applet RPMS project.

    For descriptions of Applets and setup tips, look here at the database at http://wiki.afterstep.org/.

    The easiest way to install these packages is through yum (Fedora) or urpmi (Mandrake/Mandriva).

Fedora AfterStep, Applets, and aterm Package Setup:
Download and install this PACKAGE.
- OR -
Download and install this GPG-KEY ("rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-AppletRPMs) and copy this REPO file as /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-as.repo

Then, as root (su), type the following to install AfterStep:
   yum install AfterStep
To view available packages, take a look at this LIST (with summaries), or you can browse these FOLDERS. We currently include over 60 Applets.

Mandrake AfterStep, Applets, and aterm Package Setup :
To create the respository run this COMMAND, substituting 2006.0 for your version of Mandrake/Mandriva.

Then run urpmi AfterStep to install just AfterStep or urpmi afterstep-apps to install AfterStep plus 30 commonly used applets.

Build from Source RPMs :
If you would like to build from SRPMs for earlier Fedora, Mandrake, or other distributions you can grab the SRPM files directly here.


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